Let's Find Out If Your WordPress Site Is Secure Or Not!

Get your WordPress site audited to make sure your site is secure for you and your customers
Exhaustive Review

Our experts make sure to scrutinize your site's every file and database for every security vulnerability there is.

Penetration Testing

We conduct penetration testing using customary hacker tools and methods to find any flaw a hacker may utilize. 

In-depth Report

We'll give you a thorough report on your WordPress site's weaknesses and how to address them right away.

Experts To Your Rescue

We commit the most experienced WordPress experts who know a hacker's mentality and how they can exploit your website.

WordPress Audit Which Surfaces Real Hidden Threats

A website vulnerability audit, synonymous with website vulnerability assessment or website security audit, is the process of determining security loopholes in your web environment. 

There has been a constant race between hackers and cyber defenders for years, and uncountable ambiguities are discovered with every passing year - making web security a major cause of concern over the years.

Websites, like on WordPress, these days are tailor-made according to any business requirements and are often lesser tested for vulnerabilities than a ready-made software - thus, having many unexplored weaknesses which may dictate disaster for your website consequently, not to mention compromising your online reputation and trust among customers.

Hackers are always looking for vulnerabilities to install their malware and shopping carts, forms, login modules etc. of a website which are available 24/7 and directly associated with your backend database consisting of invaluable data are always the favored online destinations for hackers.

The benefits you can muster with your WordPress website security audit:

Detect if your website is already not hacked. Many website owners don't realize this until they scan their sites for hacks and vulnerabilities.

Always stay at the top with the latest security - affirming the safety of your sensitive data and customers' credentials. Enhanced awareness and understanding of your website's security throughout

Exhibit to your customers that you care about your company's online reputation and credibility

Save yourself from every unwanted entity which may become a recipe for disaster later on.

Indicative WordPress security vulnerabilities our WordPress experts can help you with:

  • SQL and other types of injections
  • Broken authentication management
  • XSS - Cross-site scripting
  • Precarious direct object references
  • Unvalidated redirects to unwanted destinations
  • Delicate data exposure
  • IP scanning
  • Plugins/elements with known vulnerabilities
  • And, much more...

Overall, every web presence attracts a good chunk of security exposure. And, there are some security measures you can always take to keep your WordPress website safe, secure and clean from every possible attack.

Our comprehensive list of WordPress security audit includes:

  • Authentication testing
  • Authorization testing
  • DDOS testing
  • Data validation testing
  • Website services testing
  • API usage testing
  • Source code scrutinization
  • Resources usage testing
  • In-depth crawl testing
  • And, everything in between

Our WordPress experts have merged all protective steps into one solution, ready to give a good night sleep to every WordPress website owner. Once you hire WordPress security expert from us, we'll make sure to report your WordPress website vulnerabilities accurately, gauge the risk level of every vulnerability, and take measures for securing your website from top to bottom.

Assign this task now, and give yourself and your WordPress website a peace of mind that it deserves.

Don't Leave Anything To Chance!

In this information hungry era, it's better to be safe than sorry. Let our experts scrutinize your WordPress site in-depth for every possible security loophole it may have.

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