Speed is no more a luxury, but an urgent necessity. Even the slightest delay for your website to open can tremendously affect your visitors' experience and business performance as it unquestionably takes its toll on the number of leads, sales, customer service calls, and so much more. 

Overall, a website's speed is measured by how fast it loads when prompted. And, it's undeniably one of the more important indicators of your online success. A faster website opens easily for the users having slow internet connections and those who are accessing your website on their mobile devices.

So, why it's imperative to have your website's speed optimized:

  • Colossal improvement in your SERP's ranking: Google loves speed, and who doesn't? When your website opens faster, search engines crawl deeper and faster in your website within your crawl budget giving you more visibility and ranking in the SERPs.
  • A decrease in the bounce rate: In today's fast-moving world, visitors don't sit and wait for a website to load. As soon as they experience a delay, they tend to move over. It's now ubiquitous that even a slight increase in your website speed can immensely improve visitors retention to your website. 
  • Enhanced conversion rate: Your website visitor will surely be contented and prolly explore your website more if the speed is blistering. For an eCommerce website, this holds a stupendous merit. If the website is slow to load, visitors won't be able to complete the checkout process seamlessly and will be inclined to abandoning the shopping cart.

As your website grows, it invites several plugins, modules, or elements that tend to make your website sluggish. Moreover, the extensions you utilize consist of scripts and style sheets which increase the page load time and decrease its overall speed.

No matter what your website offers, it needs to be speed optimized to perform well and be more productive in this modernistic world to reap all the benefits of an online presence. 

The Joomla website speed optimization service we offer would assuredly surprise you. Our team of experts, at Assignable, are capable enough to take every minute detail of your website into consideration and optimize the page speed of your Joomla website to its maximum potential. 

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