Joomla, being one of the most touted content management systems which uncountable businesses prefer to build their websites on, has always been on the hit-list of hackers. If you don't have an SSL certificate sitting on your website, then your online business is at a considerable risk. An absence of SSL will not only jeopardize your users' credentials but your online business as well which you've built with great care and hard work. 

So, what exactly is an SSL certificate anyhow?

By now, you must have seen several websites with HTTP in their URLs and many containing HTTPS. When a website is not secure or uses HTTP transfer protocol, the information which a user sends to the server is simply a plain text. Anyone (in most cases hackers) can easily intercept the message and gain access to the information. 

When you install an SSL certificate, the information doesn't stay as a plain text and is encrypted which can only be read by the user using a key to decrypt the information. Simple enough, right!

No matter how simple this process may seem on a piece of paper, it holds boundless perks for your Joomla website or any website per se. Let's plunge right into them.

  • An SSL increases your ranking in SERPs: Google loves security and ranks the websites higher that gives secure connection to their users
  • SSL enhances your customers' trust: Customers see you as more professional and subconsciously trust your brand when they see a trusted logo on your website.
  • Increases your conversions: Customers tend to buy more from a website when they see their sensitive information will be secured at every step in their shopping endeavor. When no one wants to be a victim of an online calamity, setting up an SSL certificate on your Joomla website is a way to go. 
  • Last but not at all the least - Protection: Once you have an SSL certificate setup on your Joomla website, not only your users' information will be secured, but any delicate information you send over the internet will also be protected. 

There are several benefits which dictate why every website must have an SSL certificate intact and for building a successful online business an SSL certificate is one of the many founding blocks. 

Coming onto the big question - So, why Assignable?

One can buy any SSL certificate, however, only a Joomla expert can configure it to match your online needs utterly. Our SSL certificate setup & configuration is not only highly professional but also configured perfectly to suit your online goals. The SSL setup & configuration service we render follows the latest industry standards and makes sure your online business and visitors' information is secure at every step. Also, our SSL setup & configuration works with every browser, effortlessly works on your Joomla website, and complies with all the standards set by Google. 

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